Idle Clicker Game

What is Idle Clicker Game?

What is an idle clicker game? The gameplay of these games simply consists of the player doing simple tasks like clicking on the screen continuously to earn points and then using them to purchase accessories or do some other stuff in the game. Also referred to as the incremental clicker games, the formula is pretty simple just as the name suggests. Keep clicking on the mouse, get some rewards, and keep on repeating until the game comes to an end or you level up.

Clicker games are all about developing the interest of the users so that they keep on clicking to know what’s on the next level. These games are usually addicting and not much gaming knowledge or resources of your computer are required. Click, click, and click! That’s the motto to win. Players just keep on clicking and you never know when the day is already over.

How to Play Idle Clicker Games?

Well, you surely now have a good idea regarding how to play these games and that is by clicking on your mouse at a certain point on your screen. After some time, it gets boring but you still want to complete the level. So, what to do? For this, there are many auto clicker applications through which you can just place the cursor on the screen and run the application. The application will keep on clicking automatically and you will cross the game levels easily. Some of the famous auto-clickers through which you can do so are OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, Free Auto Clicker, Murgee Auto Clicker, Fast Mouse Clicker, etc. Configure the hotkey, set the number of clicks you want to make and the time interval between the two clicks. Press the hotkey and let the auto clicker do the job while you sip your cup

Now, if you are looking to play some of the best idle clicker games, then below are the games that you should download and try your clicks on!

Adventure Capitalist

So, you are an investing entrepreneur who is looking to be famous and popular in the world of investment. You can own a lemon shop, make pizzas, or can even run a bank depending on the number of rewards you earn and use them to buy the business. You can also hire some managers in this game to keep running your flow of business while you are doing something else. This game is the perfect idle clicker game as it continues to generate the profit even when you are in an idle state.

Realm Grinder

If you think you are the king, then Realm Grinder is your kingdom. In this idle clicker game, you get to play a ruler of a big kingdom. You can earn coins in order to build your kingdom by simply clicking on your realm. You can spend these coins in the construction of buildings like inns. Blacksmiths will keep earning coins for you even while you are away from your system. This game also lets you choose between the evil and good decisions for your kingdom which could result in allying with various communities, make unique buildings and upgrade them along the way.

Crusader of The Lost Idols

This action clicker game makes you the leader of heroes who is fighting on his way full of evil monsters. When you kill a monster, you gain some gold coins which could be used to obtain new crusaders. Every character in the game can be levelled up and be loaded with some new powers in exchange for the rewards or coins you won by killing the monsters. You can do a couple of more things in the game by arranging your army differently.

Room Clicker

The game just lets you sit inside a room and click. In the beginning, you simply keep on clicking to earn money or income. Then you can finally buy the upgrades using the income. The upgrades will fill in the room and will earn additional money. There are various things which you can purchase easily by consuming the income and it will give you a classic feel of old school games. Keep on clicking a lot and you will be able to earn some super expensive items.

Clicker Heroes

If fighting monsters is what you love in gaming, then Clicker Heroes is designed for gamers like you. You can throw monsters into oblivion in this game by clicking on them to reduce their strength. You start as a lone warrior and keep on building your army that will help you in killing the monsters. Every dropped monster rewards some coins which can be used to get the upgrades for you and for your army.

Cookie Clicker

As the name suggests, all you have to do is click on a large cookie which will earn you a single cookie per click. If you bake a lot of cookies, you can earn new cursors that will help you reach the next level faster in this clicking game. You can also take help of the grandmothers in the game who will help you with cookie planting in the field and increase the speed of cookie clicking. It is equipped with different features like playing mini-games to earn a large number of cookies at once, heavenly chips, and exchanging cookies with Cookie Dragon.

Time Clickers

A first-person shooter game in which the first task for the shooter is to keep on shooting the blocks in front. The points earned by shooting will let you purchase the upgrades and you will eventually get big and good weapons. Then you will fight against the big villains and in the free time, will keep on shooting the blocks to earn points. The visuals and gameplay is really impressive considering it is an idle clicker game.

Crafting Idle Clicker

This clicker game takes place in the fifth century. Rather than participating in the war or battle, this clicker game focuses on building various weapons and armour. You create different things to upgrade like gems and blueprints. It is a jam-filled game that will help you earn a lot of points by simply clicking. Then you will be able to upgrade the resources using these points. Dominate by clicking and completing the achievement missions.


The game begins with catching a butterfly in a web and earning a coin. Keep on doing that and you will earn points to plant a small carrot patch. Keep on gathering carrots to earn more points to plant blueberry bush. Sell carrots and blueberries to earn money for an apple tree. Keep on doing this by just clicking and you will have a green garden full of fruits and vegetables. As you progress in the game, you can hire farmers to get the job done for you while you are away.


Just like the other clicker games, you need to click on the screen to earn some points for resources. You will have one task at a time. Moving ahead, you will meet Trimps, small creatures whom you can hire to do tasks for you. You keep on building the army of trimps and then will be able to build a village, fight with monsters, and do a lot more. Geeks and maths lovers will surely love this game because of the interface.

These were the different idle clickers games that you can definitely try. Most of the games are free to play and you can use the auto clickers on these games to finish the levels faster and with ease. Hope you learned about the different auto clicker games. So, what’s your pick? Which game are you playing?

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