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How to Switch Proxy Server Between Two Clicks in Autoclicker?

An auto clicker gets the clicking job done on various games, applications, and web pages. With some easy settings and buttons to play around, you can configure the clicker to automatically click in your defined time period. But what if the clicking job requires you to click every time with a different IP address? So basically, now you have to switch your proxy server between two clicks. There are many benefits of using proxy servers and switching between these as your real IP address or your identity will be masked and you will be able to generate unique clicks on your desired web page.

There are two ways to do so. With the help of just a single application, below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download and install Auto-clicker.
  2. Open the application and you will see a panel of Repeat mode.
  3. Under the panel, choose how many times you want to repeat the clicking task and then set the delay between two repeats.
  4. Open the web-page where you want to auto click and take your pointer to the place where you want to click. Click on Record and then click once on the area. Click Alt + S to save your recording.
  5. In the Ie Setting tab of the clicker, check the “Change IE proxy setting between two repeat” option. Download or copy the list of proxies that are freely available on Google. Paste the proxy list in the space available below in the Ie Setting tab.
  6. Switch back to Repeat mode tab and click on Repeat to start the clicking process. The proxy server will be switched between the two clicks automatically.

Next way to do with your preferred Auto Clicker is by downloading an additional automatic proxy switcher software. Follow the steps below to download and configure your proxy switcher.

  • Download and install Elite Proxy Switcher.
  • Now download any free proxy list from the Internet or copy-paste and save it in a text file.
  • Open Elite Proxy Switcher and load the proxy list by clicking on File -> Load List. Choose the text file and load it.
  • The software will verify the working proxies.
  • Select all the proxies that have a green tick on them. Then click on Switch -> Enable for auto switching.
  • Then browse to Switch -> Proxy switching settings. Enter the time in which you want to auto-switch the proxy. Choose a time period less than or equal to the time you want to auto-click on the web page.
  • Finally, go to Switch – > Use automatic switching.

NOTE: For the program to work smoothly and fast, download an elite proxy list or buy one.

Your proxy software is configured completely to switch the proxies between two clicks. Let the proxy switcher run in the background. Now, all you need is an auto-clicker. Follow the steps below to configure your auto-clicker.

In OP Auto Clicker

  1. Install the OP Auto Clicker by downloading from the official portal.
  2. Run the software and you will see a panel.
  3. Choose the click interval, i.e. the time between two clicks (Enter the time according to the one you entered in the proxy switcher).
  4. Choose the click options. For Mouse Button, choose left and click type as Single. Mention the number of times you want to repeat the clicking process.
  5. Now open the web page and take the pointer to the place where you want to auto click. Choose that location in your software.
  6. Press Start or F6 to start the auto-clicking.

In GS Auto Clicker

  • Download the GS Auto Clicker and install it.
  • Run the application and go to Options -> Clicking -> Options. Choose the Mouse click as Left and Click type as Single and click Ok.
  • Then go to Options -> Clicking -> Repeat. Choose the number of times you want to repeat the auto clicking process. Then
  • choose the time interval between clicks below and click Ok.
  • Press F8 on your keyboard to start the clicking task.

In Free Auto Clicker

  1. Download Free Auto Clicker and install the application.
  2. Open the software and you will see different settings on the screen.
  3. Browse the web page where you want to auto click and press Spacebar on your keyboard to record the coordinates for clicking.
  4. Enter the time interval between two clicks and specify the number of clicks. Choose the button type as left and click on Start to run the auto-clicker.
  5. You can press Esc on the keyboard to stop the clicker.

In Free Mouse Clicker

  • Download Free Mouse Clicker and install the application.
  • Run the application and enter the click interval time between two clicks.
  • Then select the mouse actions. Choose the mouse left button and the action as Single Click.
  • Now click on start and take your cursor to the place where you want to auto click. The clicker will keep on auto clicking until you stop the clicker. To stop, press Ctrl + F3.

In Murgee Auto Clicker

  1. Download Murgee Auto Clicker and follow the installation instructions to complete the software installation.
  2. Open the software and it will minimize automatically in the system tray.
  3. A red icon will appear in your system tray. Double click it and a configuration panel will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Enter the hotkey of your choice and click on Assign.
  5. Now choose the time interval between two clicks in which the proxy server will be changed and enter the number of clicks you want to perform.
  6. Click on the hide system tray button and place your cursor to the location where you want to perform the auto clicking. Press the hotkey button on your keybortad and the clicking will begin. To stop in between, press the hotkey again.

NOTE: For all the auto-clickers, make sure that you choose the time interval between two clicks that is greater than or equal to the one you specified in your proxy switcher.

So, this is how you switch the proxy server in different auto clickers. If you have any other clicker, then similarly choose the time interval, number of clicks, click type, etc. and save the configurations. The proxy switcher will keep on changing the IP address automatically in the background and the clicker will do its work.

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