TG Macro

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Some video games are designed to be so intricate that it would take hundreds of hours to even begin to scratch the surface. Ignoring the plot and gameplay mechanics, some games overload you with so many instructions that you believe your keyboard and mouse are insufficient.

As its name implies, TGM Gaming Macro is a macro editor and maker for users who want to improve their game and add extra controls to go with whatever keyboard bindings are available.

What is TG Macro?

TG Macro is a gaming macro that combines the functionality of a macro mouse and keyboard with a regular one.

To trigger and loop many macros when and how you need, you can build or record them, then assign them to any key combinations.

TGM is designed with gamers in mind, but it is capable of much more. As a result, you can also use it for daily duties.


  • Record mouse and keyboard events.
  • Trigger and loop macros by mouse or keyboard key combinations.
  • Trigger and loop macros by on-screen color changes.
  • Import amc recoil scripts.
  • Standalone application; no installation required.
  • Save and load macros.
  • keyboard and mouse automation.
  • No Ads.
  • Multiple macros.
  • Open Source.

Note: You might need to disable NumLock in order to imitate arrow keys.